what we do

Our deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry, together with our experience in brand building and awareness, market analysis, go-to-market strategy, commercial and pricing strategies, sales process development and execution, internationalization, and business growth strategies we are able to help firms to grow and to scale by achieving real results.


We have some of the best mentors and advisors in the industry who will accompany you and your leadership team through the journey of growing and scaling a business.

product & market strategy

Through our market research and knowledge, we enable you to align your propositions with the needs of the market, and to make informed decisions about your market strategy.

marketing & pr

Our marketing team will help you to establish and position your brand, inform potential buyers about your unique solutions to their challenges, and to generate real leads.


Our team of sales people will find and engage real prospects for your products and services. We manage and work the sales pipeline, turning prospects into real sales.

back office

Running your own sales back office can be expensive. Our sales back-office can be your  back-office! We will customize proposals, respond to RFIs and RFPs, and follow up for you.

international strategy

When you are ready to explore new markets, we can assist with everything from market analysis to being your in-market representative. We can help you to enter and to win new markets.

12 week acceleration programs

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sales accelerator

You have a great product, solution, or service which addresses a real market need. You know there is a huge potential for your business, but perhaps you are wondering how to get seen by your target market. It is well known that when selling enterprise technology products, it can take 12 (or more) contacts to make a sale - this can be a challenge when you focused on developing your products and services.

Our sales accelerator service offers the complete solution to the challenge of scaling your sales operation. We will work with you to define and agree the approach and go-to-market strategy. Our team will generate leads, represent or accompany you to sales meetings, write proposals, follow up, and close real deals. We keep you informed of our progress through regular meetings and updates.

We use our deep industry knowledge and expertise to identify and engage prospects that not only have an interest in your products, but also a need and an appetite to buy!

We run virtual workshops with you to define your product/market strategy, and to plan and agree the go-to-market approach.
Our marketing team can create carefully crafted content to be used a the right time and place in the customer journey.
We engage with leads to determine their real needs, pain points, and intent. We nurture through regular contact.
back office
We write personalized responses, write sales proposals, follow up to keep the opportunity alive, and to close the deal.

market research programs

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What type of firms do you work with?

We work with firms from across the Cybersecurity and PrivacyTech space, including software solution companies, SaaS service providers, consulting firms and firms in other sectors who want to enter or adapt their offerings in the cyber space. 

How are you different from other accelerators?

We are different in two key ways: Firstly, we are subject matter experts in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, no general accelerator has the depth of industry knowledge that we have access to. Secondly, we work at a very practical level, working on your product propositions, creating visibility and building your brand, and working to generate a pipeline of prospects that can turn into generating actual sales.

We are an established firm, can you help with a campaign?

Yes, absolutely, that is what we are here for. We can start with very small engagements, for example, creating a thought leadership article, or a product brochure, and work up from there. We have a team of marketing, sales and sales support people who can help generate and work a pipeline of new opportunities for you.

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