who are we?

we have a deep understanding of the cybersecurity and privacytech industry.

The CyberTech industry was founded by industry professionals with hands-on experience in cybersecurity and data privacy. We have worked with some of the largest firms in the world, as well as assisting smaller firms to grow and achieve their ambitious growth expectations.

In 2020, we decided to create the CyberTech Accelerator to provide practical assistance to help firms to grow their businesses, positioning their products and services to gain more rapid market traction.

We have assembled a team of international experts. Together, they have a deep subject matter knowledge in areas such as brand building and awareness, market analysis, go-to-market strategy, commercial and pricing strategies, sales process development, internationalization, and business growth strategies.

our approach

We know that every business is different and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

We work with you to define clear objectives outlining what we aim to achieve together - whether that be in product strategy, market visibility, lead generation, or international growth. 

First of all, we take the time to understand where you are as a business, where you have been particularly successful, and where you have faced challenges.  

We plan how we will work together, defining each phase of the project, and setting out clear milestones and goals to be achieved in the delivery of your objectives.