12-week acceleration program

We have devised our 12-week acceleration program to enable firms to achieve a specific business objective in a compressed time period. We are able to enable you to achieve different growth scenarios, including new products or services, new industry verticals, new sectors, and even help with entering new markets. Participation in the program can be funded by the firm themselves, by venture capital funding, or through government grants and other forms of state aid.


our 12 week acceleration program covers KEY aspects of the business

Our 12 week acceleration program is an intensive program intended to enable you to grow and scale your business. We aim to prepare your business for a specific growth objective which will be agreed at the start of the program. We will start working with you by performing an analysis of where the business is now, what exactly is our objective, and defining what needs to be done in order to achieve the objective. On the basis of the objective, we bring each function of your business into the equation to bring them along the growth journey, and we will cover key aspects including Business Model Analysis, Product-Market Strategy, and Product Management. 

We can, of course, assist in the execution of the change by augmenting your team with specialists from our business, both in subject matter experts, business growth specialists, as well as our marketing, sales, and back-office functions.

how is it funded?

we have a variety of ways your 12-week acceleration program can be funded

There are several ways to fund your participation in the 12 week program, and which is best for your case will depend upon where you are in your journey. The program can be paid for directly by the company themselves, by an investor who is funding the growth objective,  or through state or federal government grants.

We are happy to work with Venture Capital partners to run this program for companies in their portfolio, either individually or as a cohort of firms together. The program can be offered on-site or remotely.

what is the result?

the goal of the 12-week acceleration program is that your team are fully prepared for growth

Through working intensively for 12 weeks on a particular business objective, we are able to identify all the tasks, changes, and deliverables which must be performed in order for the objective to be achieved. We do expect that firms participating in the program are fully committed to the objective, and are willing to assign time and make available key members of the team in the acceleration program. This will include the executive and senior management team. As with anything, where the company is making the commitment, the results can be transformational in achieving business growth objectives.

After the acceleration program, some firms like to use our mentoring and advisory services during their execution of the objective, and even beyond. We have some of the best mentors and advisors available who have experience in delivering significant business growth.