marketing & pR

Our marketing team has a particular talent for marketing technology products and services. A holistic marketing strategy involves building a solid brand and creating targeted multi-channel marketing materials which will generate a need in the mind of the target audience for what you have, and which can be translated into real leads, as well as nurturing existing leads through specifically targeted materials.  Our marketing team can work with your own sales and marketing resources, as well as working with our sales and back-office functions if you would like us to run particular campaigns or activities, or even to augment your own teams or functions.

public relations

brand building through content and THOUGHT LEADERSHIP

Building a solid brand involves building a reputation as being knowledgeable and authoritative on your particular area of specialty within the minds of your target market. We create content which can help to position your firm, or to associate your firm with a particular need or market focus. We can write in the name of your company, your executive board or leadership team, or in our own name.

We make extensive use of influencer marketing in order to leverage the reputation and audience of well-known industry leaders in cybersecurity, data privacy, risk management, and related topics in order to get the message out that your business, product, or service addresses an important market need.

Multi-channel activities can include articles published in main stream and specialized publications, webinars and on-demand content, video, and in-person speaking activities at conferences and private events.

content marketing

persona-based targeted marketing campaigns designed to generate and nurture real leads

General marketing materials can certainly help to generate awareness of your firm, product, or service. Our content-based marketing campaigns are specifically designed to deliver a message which creates a 'need' in the mind of a particular target persona or decision influencer. We measure engagement in order to determine potential leads with an intent to buy, and can create follow-up content intended to nurture those leads through their own personal buyers' journey.

Content which we can create includes social media content, short blog articles, brochures, white papers, case studies, short videos, and interviews. We are happy to work on one-off content as well as larger targeted campaigns.


opportunities for existing clients as well as new prospects to engage with your firm

We have extensive experience in running both larger public conferences as well as small focused briefings and round-table sessions. We are happy to put together events where we can bring in well respected names to speak alongside you about the current market focus or need. If you are exploring a new market or a new product opportunity, we can put together smaller briefing sessions, for example, breakfast briefings or after work evenings where you can present and discuss with your target audience, in formal and informal environments.

Subject to COVID-19 restrictions, we are able to put together and facilitate in-person events in all major business centres in Canada and the United States. Through our extensive international network, we are also able to assist with event planning and management in several parts of Europe and Asia. We can also put together and manage virtual events, bringing potential buyers and influencers to your door electronically through webinars and online round table discussions.